Accelerated Java Programming

Instructor: Rik Farrow, Consultant

Three-Day Intensive Training...................Dates/locations to be announced

Java is said to be one of the hottest programming languages. What is it about this new interactive language that turns Web pages into dynamic documents? This intensive workshop will empower you with the knowledge you need in the Java world.

Java is the first language to be truly portable between computers. Write a Java program once, and you can run it on Sun's, Mac's and Windows 95 or NT unchanged, yet have it do the same work. There is a strong belief that Java will play a far more significant role in the computer industry's future than anyone has thus far let on. Vendors are rushing to have native Java support in their operating systems. Java-only systems (networked computers) will be appearing soon.

Java is an object-oriented language designed as the natural successor to C++. Java borrows enough from C++ to make it familiar, and drops C++ concepts which are considered unwiedly. The Java Development Environment includes pre-built classes (libraries) which make network, multi-threading, and GUI-interface design simpler.

About this Course:
You will need to have a prior understanding of programming concepts, such as variables, flow control, basic input/output, before attending this course. Advanced beginners and intermediate programmers will enjoy the pace of this course, which moves from the fundamentals of programming in Java, to building configurable Java applets compatible with the Netscape Navigator on the first day.

Live demonstrations and the use of a Java-enable browser makes the class come alive. Simple yet practical demonstrations show how to build stand-alone Java applications which open windows, include GUI components, use multi-threading, and communicate over the network.

Who Should Attend:
Programmers, web masters, web developers and planners, client-server developers, information developers, system and network administrators and managers.

Level: Advanced beginner to intermediate.

Advanced beginner or intermediate programming experience in C, C++, or any structured language. Object-oriented background helpful but not required.

Program Outline:
Exercises are included which illustrate each of the major points made during the lecture. (Hands-on seminar)

You will learn to:


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