Advanced Unix(tm)and
Internet Security


As information systems become more and more critical in today's business environment, access to corporate networks through the Internet has become commonplace. While the Internet is becoming an essential part of your infrastructure, it also makes it possible to probe or attack your networks from anywhere in the world. Your network is at risk both from casual hackers and from experts hired by your competitors. Over 90 percent of security problems can be solved with attention to good user and administrative practices. This three-day program provides the basis for practical Unix System and Internet Security.

About This Program

Two key approaches:

  1. To "harden" the security of computers which provide network services.
  2. To understand TCP/IP and establish effective access to your networks.

Part one focuses on building networks which include Unix workstations and/or servers with connectivity to the Internet, or other possibly hostile TCP/IP-based networks.

Part two focuses on the first line of defense--a firewall between the protected network and potentially hostile ones. Firewalls consist of different components (routers, gateways, bastion hosts, mail servers, and proxy servers), which work together to provide a safe connection to a hostile network.

You will learn to:

Who Should Attend

System & network administrators & managers, system integrators, IT auditors & managers, computer programmers, security administrators and individuals involved in providing Internet service and securing network gateways.


Attendees should be familiar with Unix and have some familiarity with TCP/IP networking.

Course level: Intermediate to Advanced.

Advanced Unix and Internet Program Outline

Testimonials - Advanced Unix and Internet Security

"Best three-day technical training course I've ever attended."

Alex Cook, Unix Lab Manager, SAIC

"This has been an eye opening experience showing many of the security holes I need to plug at my site. It will be an invaluable aid as I implement more restrictive security. Outstanding instructor; very knowledgeable about his field."

Bob Pennay, Principal Systems Analyst, SRI International

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