Designing and Building
Your Enterprise
World Wide Web Server


The World Wide Web (WWW) is today's most dynamically growing computer technology. Originally developed in 1992, there were 100 sites. Today, there are more than 200,000 sites! By attending this unique three-day program you will learn about this fascinating technology which has become the powerful medium of choice for publishing, advertising and electronic commerce on the Internet.

About this Program

This course provides attendees with a comprehensive overview of the Web with a focus on building, configuring, and maintaining a Web server. The program covers an entire range of tasks from acquiring software, through installation, configuration, maintenance and access control.

You will come away with the facts you need to make informed decisions about implementing and managing a Web server at your location, as well as the training needed to set up an organization or enterprise Web server. In addition, you will be provided with a complete overview of the authoring and publishing process including design issues and advanced features such as forms, CGI-bin script programming, and image maps.

You will learn to

Who Should Attend

This is a must-attend program for all computer professionals with an interest in the World Wide Web and the Internet including: system & network administrators & managers, consultants, computer users, programmers and those individuals who are thinking of building a Web server.


Attendees should have a basic knowledge of Unix system administration to fully understand installation and configuration issues.

Course level: Beginner to Intermediate.

Special Bonus

Attendees will receive a free copy of the System Administrator's Guide for Establishing a World Wide Web Server published by UniForum.

World Wide Web Program Outline

Testimonials - Building and Designing Your Enterprise Web Server

"I thought this class had the right balance between technical issues and organization. The instructors were good speakers, talented and interesting."

Ned Hogan, Consultant & Technical Manager, SCO

"The HTML portion of this training was alone worth the cost of the course. This was, in a word, simply excellent. I was able to take what I had learned and put it into practice on our Web site that same day."

Torre J. Foote, On-line Services Administrator, Metricom

"This course is invaluable for everyone from experienced system administrators to novice webmasters. The instructors are very knowledgeable, entertaining and thorough."

Sandra Lyle, Product Marketing Mgr., Citrix

"Did a good job establishing a rapport with the audience; open to questions; delivered what was promised by the advertising."

Lory Hawkes, Sr. Professor,
DeVry Institute of Technology

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