UniForum is committed to open systems because it provides end users with a complete technology environment that supports interoperability between existing installed systems and new technologies.

Your support of UniForum is critical. In exchange for your support, UniForum offers an array of programs and services to its members:

Education and Training...The ultimate learning experience in open systems technology in a non-biased environment. UniForum has earned a reputation for hosting top quality conferences.

UniForum's Spring and Summer Conferences...your opportunity to share with and learn from the most talented and forward-thinking experts in all advanced computing technologies. Members receive discounted registration to the conference--several days packed with information on present and future technology.

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For information on local activities, please refer to the Affiliates section.

In additional to the General Membership program, UniForum offers a flexible Corporate Sponsor program. For more information on how your company can participate in this program, please refer to the Corporate Sponsor section.

If you have further questions regarding UniForum membership, please send an e-mail message to UniForum or call (410) 715-9500.



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