The following is just a sampling of testimonials received by attendees of UniForum's training courses:

Windows NT Security Workshop

"Instructor was enthusiastic, and he had lots of other tidbits to throw in."
"I liked everything in this workshop. Excellent."
"Excellent presentation and content. I enjoyed the course. I feel that attending this course is a tremendous benefit in my ability to do my job."
"Good adult learning teacher. Information with examples was great."
"The flow of the materials in the class was exactly what I've been looking for in an NT Security Workshop. I gained so much information."
"Information was valuable."
"Class was very knowledgeable and the teacher was great and well experienced."
"Finally, an NT security overview that includes the bad and the good."
"The instructor was great and he knew the subject matter very well."
"I can use the knowledge learned on my job immediately."
"Dynamic speaker and he was able to keep my interest."
"Instructor was very candid about NT. He pointed out the strengths and weaknesses."
"The instructor really knows his stuff."

Designing and Building Your Enterprise Web Server

"A lot of information was presented in an easy to understand format."
Jon Carpenter, MTSI
Lucent Technologies

"The instructors (John and Dave) are very knowledgeable, entertaining and thorough."
Sandra Lyle, Product Marketing Manager


Advanced CGI and Web Programming in Perl

"My compliments to David & John - I do not consider myself a "programmer" but I was able to complete the exercises and understand the why and how."
Deborah Barnes, Interface Specification Webmaster

"Good opportunity for hands-on learning. Learned from trial and error. Presentation fit my level of experience."
Keith Johnson, Senior Programmer
Wells Fargo Bank

"The information was useful, the instructors were knowledgeable and personable."
Sheri Shipe, Product Engineer


Advanced Unix & Internet Security

"This has been the most thought provoking, intellectually stimulating courses I've attended in a long time. Great information. Thank you."
Darrell E. Lindsey, Specialist Regulatory Affairs

"The best three-day course I've ever attended. Provided valuable information from slide one to the last slide, with real-world experiences."
Glen Wood, Midrange Systems Engineer
T. Rowe Price

"Great class. Plenty of practical and implementable ideas and solutions."
David P. Leach, Vice President/Consulting Systems Engineer
Bank of America

"Rik provides relevant information along to his audience. I got enough information to go back to work and make a really strong case on network security and the importance of it both to internal and external networks. All given to me in a nice and positive atmosphere."
Michael Dreves, Security Manager
Berendsen Components


Java Programming

"Rik did an outstanding job of teaching Java. His style was very conducive to my overall learning experience. I really enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the seminar."
Karl Barger, Software Engineer

"Excellent teaching style. Very patient, good at listening to questions. Good grasp of material and organization to course."
Jim Bond, Manager-Technical Marketing

"Excellent instructor."
Richard J. Lisanti, Project Leader
US Army

"Exercises were really helpful to understand as well as to implement some good examples."
Himanshu Shah, HRIS Specialist

"Good balance....theory vs. examples. Hit the right level of detail."
John Lucak, Technical Staff Engineer
Picker International


Accelerated Perl Programming

"The Perl class was great! The instructor was fun and I can't wait to apply it back at work."
Mark S. Lesko, IT Engineer
Hewlett-Packard Company

"I love how the whole class was based on example cost. The most efficient way to learn. Excellent teacher! Entertaining, enthusiastic, creative, great analogies, and an expert on Perl."
Lisa Araquistain, Regional Support Engineer
Silicon Graphics

"This course offers the added bonus of hands-on object-oriented programming for non-C++ programmers."
Cathy Kardach, Sr. Marketing Engineer
Schlumberger ATE

"This was a technical topic presented in a way that those of us who are not highly trained in programming technology can understand it and even write programs."
Ted Fore, System Administrator

"Excellent instructor. Great learning experience."
Becky Lee, Senior Programmer
Loral Space Systems


The Best of the Web: Successful Business Strategies on the Web

"As a marketing director in high tech I need to stay current on a broad array of things in a rapidly changing environment. This was the best and most efficient way I could think of to get up to speed on the Web!"
Julie Ginches, Director of Marketing
Corex Technologies

"Excellent instructor, not a sales pitch. Useful, valuable information."
Melissa Smart, Marketing Coordinator
EUA Cogenex Corporation

"Very useful seminar for measuring our existing site against the rest of the world."
John Jensen, New Media Specialist
Intersystems Corporation

"On time, on track, on target, content & example-rich, humor used well, practical and down-to-earth, insightful. Marty Gruhn is an excellent presenter."
Sandra Bateman, Director Corporate Web Marketing

"I learned more in this one-day workshop that directly relates to my company than I did at a 3-day Web conference I recently attended."
Raina Laredo, Corporate Marketing Executive
Transarc Corporation

"Very up-to-date information, informative, very timely, very knowledgeable instructor."
Kim Ciapka, Director of Marketing Communications
CommVault Systems

"Opened us up to so much. Pointed out and formulated why we should be on the Web."
Lisa Hoglund, Marketing Resources Manager
The Systems House, Inc.

"Really useful! Moves past the hype about "what's cool" to how the Web can be used for achieving competitive advantage."
Suzanne Weiss, Vice President
Sawtooth Technologies

"In a world where "net time" is faster than a "NY minute" this timely info from a marketing professional on the cusp of the Internet wave is essential to your business strategy today ---- whoever you are!"
K.C. Chamberiain, Director of Web Development
AMMG, Inc.

"One of the best seminars I've attended. Excellent marketing perspectives on using the World Wide Web."
Kevin Payne, Senior Manager, Marketing Group
NEC Systems Laboratory



Attendees of UniForum Technology Training

In today's competitive marketplace, education provides the advantage. UniForum services the educational needs of open systems professionals from many diverse businesses throughout the world. The following is a comprehensive listing of companies that have benefited by attending UniForum's educational programs.

Advance Modular Solutions, Inc.
Aerospace Corporation
Aim Technology
Amdahl Corporation
American Chemical Society
American Family Insurance
American Medical News
American Savings Bank
AMMG, Inc.
Andersen Consulting Company
Apple Computer
Arco Gas Company
ASU West
Atria Software
Auspex Systems
Autodesk Inc.
Axil Computers
B2 Systems
B&C Software
Bank of America
Bay Area Educational Press
Bay Networks
Bell & Howell
Bell Northern Research
Bell South
Berendsen Components A/S
Boeing Company
Boole and Babbage
BMC Software, Inc.
Breakthru Communications
BSD Software Consulting, Inc.
Burlington Coat Factory
Byer California
Cable & Wireless Innovations, Inc.
Cadence Design Systems
California Dept. of Water Resources
California State Polytechnic University Pomona
California State University
Candle Corporation
Carolina Biological Supply Co.
CB Enterprises
Cenetron Diagnostics, LLC
Center for Urban Analysis
CFO Publishing Corp.
Charles Schwab & Company
Checkfree Corporation
Cisco Systems
City of Berkeley
Coleman Information Services
Commvault Systems
Computer Consulting Services
Computer Science Corporation
Connect, Inc.
Consumers Gas
Cooper Tools
Corex Technologies
Cotton Incorporated
County of Sacramento
County of Santa Clara
Creative Software Services Inc.
Cyrix Corporation
Cyways, Inc.
Data General Corporation
Data Transit
Department of Consumer & Business Services
Department of Defense
Department of Motor Vehicles
Digital Equipment Corp.
Documentus Inc.
Dr. Dobb's Journal
Duquesne Light Company
Eakins Open Systems
Eastman Kodak Company
Elan Computer Group
Electric Power Research Institute
Electronic Engineering Times
Electronic News
Epsilor Data Management
Ernst & Young
ESS Ventures
Fabrik Comm. Inc.
Faultline Software Group, Inc.
Federal Home Loan
Federal Express
Federal Reserve Board
Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Telecommunications Co.
First Experience Communications
Florida Power & Light
Franchise Tax Board
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies
General Magic
GenStone Systems, Inc
George Lithograph
Giga Information Group
Golden Gate Seminary
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Grantham, Mayo, VanOtterloo & Co.
GTE Intelligent Network Services
GTE Internet Solutions
Halliburton & Energy Services
Hataschi Data Systems
The Healthcare System
Helix Technology Corporation
Hewlett-Packard Company
Houston Chronicle
Houston Lighting & Power Co.
Hughes Data Systems
Hyundai Electronics
IBM Corporation
ICI Paints Glidden
ILOG, Inc.
IBM (Network Computers Division)
Info World Publications
Information Sys. Arch.
Information Week
Insignia Solutions, Inc.
Inso Corporation
Integrated Micro Solutions
Integrix, Inc.
Intersystems Corporation
IRIS Data Management Center
ISP Management Company
J. Frank Inc.
Kaiser Permanente
Kanematsu Electronics Ltd.
Kay-Bee Toys
Keesler Air Force Base
Knight-Ridder Information, Inc.
Lawrence Livermore Labs
Level 1 Communications
Limited Distribution Services
Lockheed Martin
Los Angeles County Education
Lucent Technologies, Inc.
Marcam Corp.
McCue Systems Inc
McDonnell-Douglas Aerospace
Micro Media Solutions, Inc.
Mindsource Software
Minicomputer Exchange
MIT Ceci Press & Japan Press
Mobil Oil
Motorola, Inc.
NC World Magazine
NCD (Network Computing Devices)
NCR Corporation
NEC Systems Lab. Inc
Netcom Interactive
NTT America Inc.
Pacific Bell
ParaSoft Corporation
PC World On-Line
Pencom Systems, Inc.
Philip Morris
Picker International
Pivotpoint, Inc.
Pretzel Logic Software, Inc.
Pure Atria
Pure Software
Pycon, Inc.
Pyramid Technology
Quadritek Systems
Quantas Airways
Radical Media, Inc.
Rdix Systems
Republic National Bank
R J Reynolds
Rockwell International
T. Rowe Price
76 Products Company
Salomon Brothers
San Francisco Police Dept.
San Jose State University
Sawtooth Technologies
Schlumberger ATE
Semaphore Communications Corp.
Sequent Computer Systems
Shell Services
Sherwin Williams Company
Software Development Technology
Software Productivity Grp
Software Research Inc NS
Southwestern Bell Telephone
Southern Methodist University
Space Systems Loral
SRI, International
StanChem, Inc.
Stanford Linear Accelerator Ctr.
Stanford University
Sterling Software
Stop & Shop Supermarkets Company
Strategic Systems Inc
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sunexpert Magazine
Systems House, Inc., The
Targetbase Marketing
Technical Software Systems
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Tinker Air Force Base
The Open Group
The Village Guild
Toronto Stock Exchange
Transarc Corporation
Triad Data Inc.
Trimble Navigation, Inc.
Trio Computer Network Services
Trident Data Systems
TriTeal Corporation
Turner Broadcasting Systems
UA Cogent Corporation
UC Berkeley
UC Riverside
UC San Francisco, Educational Department
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army of Engineers
U.S. Cellular Corp.
U.S. Postal Service
US Web Utopia
United Guaranty Corp.
University of Virginia
UNIX Review
Vistako, Johnson & Johnson
Voice Control Systems
Walker & Associates
Web Mind Inc.
Webserver Magazine
Wells Fargo Bank
Winta Group, The
Xerox Corporation

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